UK Jazz is thriving in the North. Come and hear how it sounds.

MSC Records is an independent record label based in Manchester.

We record, release and promote the work of exciting new artists from Manchester and the North.

Our Artists

MSC Big Band

Laga Runa

ENKI Quartet

“Some of the gigs you see from new jazz artists in Manchester and the rest of the North are off the chain. It’s music that inspires dance-floors and provokes thought. However, not enough of this music is being recorded and released. We’re here to help change that.”

Joshua Mellard

Emily Keily illustration saxophone

Our Ethos

Much like the rest of the UK Jazz movement, this Northern scene embeds the philosophy that music should actively engage its audiences. This can be through action on the dance-floor, through messages in the music and synergy with your audience. This is what we believe at MSC Records and it is music with this ambition that we support.

A Fair Structure

Functioning as a cooperative, each artist connected to MSC Records has the opportunity to have a direct say in the decisions that the label makes. All profits either go to the artists or directly back into the label to help fund future recording, releases and events. The point of this is to keep absolute focus on the main aim of MSC Records: to help new and emerging artists.

The Team

Josh Mellard headshot
Josh Mellard
General Manager
Hugh Morris
Sid Quirk
Recording and Mixing Engineer
Emily Keily
Emily Kiely
Visual Artist
Tom Barber
Tom Barber
Events and A&R
Lewis Howells
Lewis Howells
Events and Live Sound
David Hoffman
David Hoffman
Funding and Accounting